I ate some pineapple today, yum!

I am so glad I gave my room a makeover this past Sunday because I absolutely love jumping into my comfy bed with lots of fluffy pillows and a great comforter... it's the good life ;)

Mom and and the boys brought a Great Dane puppy home; they named him Hercules. {He's huge!}

I {finally!} had a chance to watch t.v. tonight, yay!

I have the next three weekends wedding-free...I'm excited for some free time.

I am anxiously awaiting Sunday evening because Drop Dead Diva premieres with a brand new season. I LOVE that show... you should watch it - it's on Lifetime.

I want to see The Green Lantern... maybe because I have a mini-crush on the Ryan Reynolds, ha! That, and who doesn't love a superhero movie and popcorn?

I want to go fishing!

I want to slow dance under the moonlight.

I am really tired and since I am blogging from my comfy bed, I think it is time to call it a night. But before I sign of, I want to send a big Congratulations to my friend Blanca who just recently became engaged!!!!! Wohoooooo!!! :)

Good night.