On Friday I drove home and parked my car in the garage. A little light on the dashboard was blinking and I  made a mental note to inquire about it to my dad. The previous day, on Thursday, I was driving on the expressway and almost ran out of gas. I knew I had to stop midway through my drive to fill the tank back up. My dad was out of town and if I was stranded on the highway I would not have known who else to call. Granted my mom is superwoman, I don't think she would have been able to rescue me quite as fast. 

My dad

All this car-stuff had me thinking, where would I be without the important men in my life. Yes, men; plural. 

I am twenty five years old and can count the number of times I have spent with my dad, my biological father, on my two hands. Yet this number can never amount to how much I love him. He gave me life. I have his eyes and my crooked pinky fingers are his trademark. I think I may even have his sense of humor.

When I first met my stepdad over twenty years ago I hid under a chair. Leave it to me to believe I was invisible.  There he was, a stranger offering to give my mom and I the world. But I did not want it. I spent way too much time in the beginning quietly wondering why I saw him more than my other dad. 

Funny how our lives turn out. 

It's Father's Day today and my mood is bittersweet. I thank God for my wonderful father... he is not my stepdad; he is my dad. And my dad, mi papa, he is no longer with me. Although he never really was, it really hurts to know that when he fails to answer my call it is because he really can't. No excuses; he just can't. 

When my dad checked my tires out Saturday morning, it turns out they were ready to blow out. As a matter of fact, the tire man wondered how it had not yet happened. Lucky, he said. But it was not luck. Luck would have been me blowing out a tire and not swerving all around. Instead, I am blessed. Blessed to have my other dad present in my life to care and look out for me. 

While my father gave me a beating heart, my dad gave me a life

The food I eat. The shoes I wear. The car I drive. My education. My common sense. For all my wishes I dream up, he grants them. My dad became my father even though he did not have to be. For that, for that I am so very thankful. Thankful that I was blessed with two fathers. 

I wish every father a loving day but most of all, I wish my dads a very Happy Father's Day! I love you both. 

Make it a great week my friends!!!

*Note: If confused you in the form of which I refer to my dad and, well, my dad... ha! I am sorry but I refuse to refer to my stepdad as such... He's my dad ;) and so is my other dad... I did it again, didn't I? Ha! Good night :)