Jenny + John... Married! Harlingen, Texas

As my life began a personal transition a while back, I wondered if being a wedding photographer would make moving on difficult. But my brides and grooms, the wonderful people who are madly in love that I get to photograph continue to remind me that fairy tales do exist.

While some couples are openly affectionate with one another, and others gladly accept an embrace from their partner, Jenny and John are a tad bit different. Their love is evident not in the way they hold hands nor the way they sit closer together. Rather, their love is fully apparent in their behavior, their real life behavior. This is what I mean...

John is truly the epitome of a gentleman. He cares for his, now wife, in every aspect of the word. I can see he loves her by the way he speaks about her, glances at her, and, most importantly, is around her. Jenny is one lucky woman. 

And John? John lucked out as well. Jenny is an amazingly beautiful woman with an extremely kindred spirit. Her glances and her smiles give away the love she has for her groom. It was a beautiful moment to see her walk down the aisle... and as she came closer to the altar, I had to make sure to keep it together. There was love written all over her smile - a smile working hard to fight back tears. 

I am most certain those tears were of pure joy. Seeing Jenny and John joined together in marriage was truly an honor. They are two amazingly loving individuals made to love one another. 

Jenny and John, Congratulations on your marriage!!! Truly, you both are blessed. I wish you great health, love and happiness in a long marriage. Thank you for allowing me to spend a gorgeous wedding day with you as your photographer :) Thank you!

This wedding was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I had such a great time from start to finish. John and Jenny really know how to throw a great party... perhaps it was all the Aggies in attendance?

 One of my favorite moments...
These boys sure know how to make you smile!
Ha! This was a great idea ;)
 We snuck in a more formal group photo... for tradition ;)
 Wind can be a friend :)
 This reminds me why I believe in fairytales! Prince charmings do exist :)
 This is one of the BEST bride and groom photos I have taken, don't you agree?!!
 Fun! :)

Again, congratulations Jenny and John!!!

I hope you are having a great week thus far :)