Over the past month the minutes of my day are carefully scheduled. Organization, you may call it, has led me to complete chaos in the sense that I live on the run. My car, my little blue Honda hybrid has become a part of who I am more than ever. It carries my stuff, my clothes, my bags, my equipment and, most importantly, it carries me... all over the Rio Grande Valley. 

As much as I write out To Do Lists to keep me sane, they somehow lead me to a big mess... in my car!!! Since I am always doing something, my car has become a big trashcan of sorts on the way. Blah... to wash it has been on many of my lists but in over a month and a half, I have yet to cross it out. Until today.

This weekend has been busy as usual but in a much more fun way. I spent my Saturday laughing for about seven, yes seven!, hours straight with my DZ sister Yva (Hi Yva!!!). Great company, it was just what I needed. And today, today I am reminded that no matter how busy I get, I still have the most mundane things in life to remind me of how happy I am. 

Today I finally washed my car. And, this time, it was made for a very happy memory. Although I think I am now alone, I realize I am loved more than ever. Thanks to three very handsome young men in my life... my BROTHERS!!!!

To be surrounded by such testosterone does things to you... it makes every situation, even a boring chore, a complete adventure. This is what washing the car with my boys looks like... 

Note: You may want to lower your volume. ;)

Since it's Sunday, I figured blogging the Dufreche-Lopez wedding could wait one more day... come back tomorrow :)

Yes, the annoying laugh you may have heard is mine - sorry :(

Have a great week!!!