Portraits: Delia, Andres and Julian - McAllen, Texas

Delia has been one of my favorite persons to photograph over the past year. I captured her growing belly and her brand new baby. Julian has now just turned one year old and I am delighted to have the opportunity to once again photograph them. It took Delia and I quite a while to execute this session but I am so glad we made it just in time. After playing tag for about two months, I finally saw baby Julian again. Except baby Julian is now toddler Julian!!!

This boy called juju is so adorable and one of the cutest little boys I have photographed. Unfortunately he no longer remembered me for this session, I remembered what he looked like when he was just a few days old. A year old now, Julian is on the path to childhood. And Delia, Delia has embraced motherhood with the help of Andres. The three of them together make a wonderful family. 

Delia, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for always believing in me and allowing me to continue to photograph you. I am so proud of your mommy skills and very happy to see you blessed with such a beautiful child. Julian: You're adorable!!!!

Delia and Andres have a beautiful little family... see for yourself. 

Julian, what a cutie!!!

Enjoy your evening my friends :)