In a world where we often forget the importance of family love, I am delighted to have been blessed with a mother who never lets me forget that I have dishes to wash, dog poop to pick up and a life to love.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful mothers in this world and most specifically to my very own!

Strong. Independent. Loving. 

Mami, te quiero mucho!!! Oh Lord, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I would be lost without my mother to guide me in the path you have created for me. If I could, I would be permanently attached to my mom. I love being with her and spending every waking moment hanging out with her. It's a perk to have such a loving woman care about you. 

When I am sick, she nurtures me back to health. When I am sad, she comforts me. When I need, she provides. And when I want, when I want she gives up so that I can have. My brothers and I are truly blessed to call Sylvia our mom. We have been given a wonderful mother to care for us and teach us right from wrong. 

Never has my mother disappointed me, never. I continue to learn from her every single day. Like a mother bear caring for her cubs, my mom has always placed her children first. I am delighted to work hard and take care of her now. 

I love you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And no Mother's Day shout-out would be complete without warm wishes to my second mother in this world... Velma. I love you and thank you for caring for me as if I was your own. God is truly great to me for blessing me with such strong women to guide me in this world. I love you!

Have an amazing week my friends!!!