Mini-Session - Colleen & Shelby - McAllen, Texas

Happy New Year!

It's 2011 and the sixth day into the new year has been exceptionally well. I am delighted to have had some time to rest and enjoy time with my beloved family. I hope you tuned in for my 2010 Photographer's recap post from this past Friday. I am hoping to write a personal recap as well, but for today I wanted to share with you some fun photos from another of my holiday sessions. I am so behind on blogging last year's sessions, ahh! But I'm working on catching up, and I start now...

Colleen gave me  call on a Sunday morning and booked a mini-session with me. She was spunky and excited about her upcoming session. During our phone conversation, I felt like I was speaking to an old friend. When I met her for her session, it also felt like I had already met her before. We laughed and I got to  meet her beautiful little girl. 

Shelby was a pleasure to photograph and we were joined by Colleen's Great Dane. As we strolled through her backyard, I learned about what made little Shelby happy and what didn't float her boat. Taking her picture, that wasn't her favorite. But running around and having me chase her as she explored the waterfalls and bridge, that made her smile. 

It was certainly a workout trying to capture her on camera, but it was definitely worth it. Shelby is an adorably cute little girl and Colleen has a wonderful spirit. I am glad I got to meet them both this holiday season and, more-so, that I had the chance to photograph them.

Colleen and Shelby, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and the start to a great new year!

Happy Thursday!!!

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