Jennifer and Rodger, Engaged - South Padre Island, Texas

I was a bridesmaid at one of my friend's wedding last April. At the reception, next to my table was a group of people I went to high school with. It was really nice to see friends I had not seen in a few years and catch up with all of them. Some were married, some were expanding their families and there was a couple who was just engaged. 

There I was, in my bridesmaid dress, proclaiming my love for photography and the new business venture I had embarked on. So I told them, if any of you are getting married, let me photograph your wedding. So Jennifer and Rodger called me a few months later and hired me. 

Boy was I excited!!! I love building a relationship with all of my clients, especially my brides and grooms. Photographing Jennifer and Rodger's upcoming wedding served as a form to re-aquaint myself with old friends. 

Jennifer and Rodger have been dating for many, many years. I roughly estimate about 8 to 9 years. {Please correct me if I'm wrong Jenn!!!} High school sweethearts, they are the type of people who are so kind and caring that they make you fall in love with them when you meet them. Through our emails and appointments, I slowly remembered what Jennifer was like. Sweet, very sweet. She is truly kind and very caring. 

Jennifer cares about her fiance, her family, her friends and all of the wonderful details of her wedding day. Rodger is gentle with Jennifer and very caring as well. He is attentive to his beautiful bride-to-be and always nurturing. Photographing them together was full of laughs and tender moments. I witnessed Rodger's kind nature as he made sure Jennifer was happy and always taken care of. 

From looking out for her out on the scary pier for some photos to clearing the sand on the beach for her to walk on, I could easily tell Rodger is head over heels for Jennifer. And Jennifer, Jennifer is oh-so-in-love with him, too. 

Jennifer and Rodger, I am beyond delighted at your upcoming wedding. I am glad our paths crossed back in April once again and that I get to share on your wedding day as your photographer. I can't wait for April!!!! You and Rodger are beautiful and have such an amazing character. I wish you a relaxed few months as your wedding day approaches. 

Now let's take a look at what Port Isabel and South Padre Island has to offer....

Happy Wednesday!!! :)

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