Engagement Session... Cynthia and Rene!!!

Wohooo! It's Sunday and my weekend has been great :) I can't believe it's already after 4:00 PM here in my area and the weekdays are looming ahead. I also can't believe I just spent quite a few hours watching a soccer game... What is wrong with me? I guess I really think it's nice the way people form strong ties to their favorite teams. Anyway, I thought we could end the week (or start a new one, depending on how you look at it...) with Cynthia and Rene's engagement session.

I met Cynthia almost a month ago and she mentioned she had seen my work. She already had a wedding photographer and in fact already had taken engagement sessions. Her wedding is coming up next month and she really wanted an engagement session with me. I felt happy to oblige :) We scheduled a session that very day we met and I thought it be nice to share the session with you. Cynthia and Rene were quiet and lovely to work with. I gave them just a bit of direction and the rest was just them being themselves. I'd like to thank Cynthia for "finding" me and for letting me work with them. I hope they enjoyed the photos as much as I do. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and I wish you the ultimate best :)

Have a Happy Sunday! :)