Dream BIG!

Howdy! I don't know about you but I am so glad it's finally Friday! I feel like I can just smile a little longer than usual and breathe a little slower as well. Friday means I can slow down for a day and enjoy life a little more... What does Friday mean for you? Friday also means I better enjoy the day because I usually have lots of more work that needs my attention during the weekend. This weekend is no different, but instead of having a tightly-scheduled weekend, I have a more relaxed and almost free two days. With the exception, of course, of a million things I want and need to do. But this million does not include the bazillion other things I could also be doing ;)

I've spent much of this week working on revamping the website... okay, okay so it only took me a couple of hours but every day since I have spent large amounts of time dedicated to the overall philosophy of my photography. Before the updated versions go online I want to make sure I understand my work so you, my potential client, can better understand me.

I've spent the whole week a little nervous but excited about dreaming big. But I've confided in many friends and they believe in me. I believe in me but sometimes, like I've mentioned before, I forget. It's amazing to have great friends who love you to remind you of all your best qualities. Dear friends, Thank You!

On a different note, I'd like to add that I have the best clients in the world :) They make me feel so special, appreciated and talented. They place their trust in me and make me feel more than just their photographer. To all my clients, Thank You :) I look forward to meeting many more people like you over my lifetime. As for you, my faithful reader, thank you as well for giving my voice an ear... or in this case - my words a reader. Be it one or a million, Thank You!

Wow, I just realized I'm in a very thanking mood... I like it :) What are you thankful for? While you think about it... here are some silk flower pictures. I took these yesterday to practice and shoot just for fun. It's been lots of work lately and I realized I wanted to do some photography for me, no pressure. So I did, ten minutes of my schedule made me feel more at ease.

Have a fabulous Friday and Dream Big! God's always with you.