Nathan & Mary... Wedding

Almost a year ago I decided that I would put attending law school on the back burner and focus on building a photography brand - a successful business. When I set out on my venture I did not actually think I would literally forget about attending post graduate school and making dreams about my photography. But I did. My first real photography assignment in my new venture was an engagement in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was excited. In fact, I was so excited about the session I somehow managed to fly to and from NOLA all by myself. This is a big deal because I literally had a panic attack on my first ever plane ride a year before. Whoah! (Weird, I know!) So my very first assignment was out of state and although I did it for free I did get a free vacation out of it :) Almost a year later I have come a long way from my dreams and find myself walking among a very amazing reality. I truly enjoy the journey I am on and I am very excited for the road God has set out for me to choose. It's going to be a good ride, I know it ;)

Last summer as Chris and I hung out with some of his new friends, the subject of my newly founded photography business came up in casual conversation. Nathan and Mary were engaged and had just set a date for their hometown Kansas wedding. When they asked to book me as their wedding photographer I was estatic. I thought Whoah!!!! At this rate I will be international before I ever get to law school! And I liked that idea, I liked it very much. Yes, the thought of a plane ride crossed my mind and for a split second I panicked. Then I realized the opportunity and quickly jumped on board. It was summer of 2009 and I had officially booked my first wedding. Soon after I managed to book a few more and I could not be any happier about the way things have developed. 

Last month Nathan and Mary were wed in a beautiful and intimate ceremony at the county courthouse. It was a beautiful wedding and such a special event. Chris and I got to be their witnesses and I had the special job of photographing the event.It was definitely a double-whammy and dinner at the Argentinian steakhouse was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. I've been waiting anxiously to their wedding portraits never got the chance to fully work on their post...until now. 

Nathan and Mary are two incredibly kind and warm-hearted individuals. They are smart, humorous and have a great love for biology. On a personal note, it will be sad to see them leave the  Rio Grande Valley upon receiving their master's in a few weeks but I am excited for the next chapter in their lives as husband and wife. And it gives me the warm fuzzies because I captured the moments for them :) Thank you Mary and Nathan for the opportunity and trust you bestowed upon me as your friend and photographer. Here is a look at the love they share for one another, so romantic.