I've got the itching bug.... or something ;)

Ouch. I can't stop scratching.... either I am allergic to everything around me or there is some invisible bug who keeps biting and is driving me absolutely nuts! Needless to say, the constant scratching all day has definitely made finishing all the work I need to do today a whole lot more difficult than usual. Alas, what can I say.... It's difficult to edit photos and scratch at the same time. My poor legs are extremly red :( But photos are coming out great ;) I had a very busy weekend with all things photography and wedding...my wedding of course. I'll be blogging lots of photos this week to catch you up on all I have been doing these past few weeks and days. 

I have lots of work to finish so for tonight I'll leave you with a preview from one of Saturday's sessions and let you know that I am alive, kicking and scratching ;)

Until tomorrow... good night and I hope you had a beautiful and productive Monday ;)