Turtles and Pearls.

Howdy! I hope you my dear are having an ah-mazing week... and an even better weekend. I have been really busy and will be for the next few days. How about you? Have you been busy lately? Amidst all this busy-ness I find myself - and in retrospect... have been in for the past few months - I constantly think about the little things in life I may possibly be missing out on. Every once in a while I remind myself to take a deep breath, really see the world and my surroundings and smile at the people I love. I make sure I take it all in and make a memory of everything my soul sees. I never want to forget anything - the tears, fears, and all the happiness I feel. It scares me sometimes when I realize a month is about to finish and I quickly force myself to stop and ponder all the little and big things I've experienced in the last few weeks. I hate to realize it's March and not know where my time has gone. I want to be able to say, "Hey, it's March. Whoah! I've done so many things already?" Don't you?

Regardless, I am still rather busy and I am sure you are very much as well. So I'd like to remind you to now and then smile and look around you. What do you see? You'll enjoy being busy so much more if you realize all the things you are accomplishing.

The next month I will be really busy and have a gazillion-billion things to do. So many projects I am working on but I am very excited and blessed to have the opportunity to take a bite out of so many things. I'm lucky and you are too ;) A few days ago I received one of the most sincere and special, meaningful gifts someone could give me. I am a simple kind of girl, I really am. Sure I love all things glamourous and everything bigger in Texas but the things which always mean the most and carve a place in my heart are the little things. The sweet smile you receive simply for being you. The spontaneous hello from across the room. The meaningless things we sometimes overlook. All these, they mean something to me. The man I love has just given me such a thing. It's not the exaggerated gift we sometimes claim to want and often ask for. It's so much more than that. And it means the world to me. Chris, you'll never understand what your single pearl signifies to me. I love you and with my heart I give you a very sincere and loving thank you.

What you see is a pearl mounted inside a tiny, little turtle. My heart sees the caring thought of a man who loves me. Chris found this pearl in an oyster and has since given it to me. I love it. I absolutely love it. It's the little things he does, when I least expect it, that's when he steals my heart - time after time.

I am so thankful for him and all the people in my life. I make it a point to stop, see and appreciate all I have. And as of Monday night, I am the proud owner of a pearl, a real pearl I'll wear next to my heart.

Happy Wednesday :)