It's Friday!!!!!!!! ;)

Wohoo! It's Friday, aren't you excited? I am :) The week has been extremely busy for me but very productive. I've spent this week working on editing three different batches of photos and as of right now I have finished two sets. I plan on spending the evening finishing the last set and enjoy a fun-filled weekend. Quick announcement...I have been hired as the official photographer for a local city's annual festival featuring lots of food, fun, games, and music for the community of the Rio Grande Valley. I will spend all of Saturday afternoon and night photograhing the City of Pharr's 5th Annual HUB Phestival. If you are from the Rio Grande Valley I encourage you to stop by and enjoy the food, rides, and music. And if you are a Pat Green fan, I really encourage you to stop by at night. Pat Green is scheduled as the evening's main performer and the best part - it's all FREE! Come by and have some fun!

So I guess that will add another batch of photos I have to finish editing by the end of the weekend... But I can do it. I'm excited to photograph the day-long event so I can interact with people and get my photography business out there. What better way than like this? I hope to take full advantage of the opportunity :)

I hope you enjoy your Friday, Saturday and have a very fun and relaxing Sunday. God made weekends so we can have fun and always be safe ;) Until next time, I'll leave you with a preview of one of the sessions I am editing... the rest to come very soon.

Happy Friday, yay!!!