My Momma... I love you.

I don't know how God chose me for my mommy but I am so glad I was chosen to grow inside her belly to come into this world. I cannot imagine having to call any other woman on the face of this planet mother. She is my rock and the woman who has whole-heartedly helped shape me into the young woman I have become. Through her, God has taught me right and wrong and has punished me many times for the times in which my foot crosses into the forbidden wrongs. But from every mistake I have learned. I learned that no matter how cool a party in high school may seem, when your mother says no it means no. And for a good reason, too. I learned that when she says you do not need the coolest car to drive to McDonald's, she's serious. "All you need is four wheels and you're good to go." I learned that when she tells you not to disobey her requests, she means business...serious business. Boy, have I learned. And most importantly, I continue to learn that no matter how many times you fall and she yells at you trying to tell you "I told you so" she still loves you, possibly even more than before.

My dearest mother, I love you.

Have you told your mother how much you love her today?