Being is Time.

Dasein. Have you read Being and Time? I have. Did I understand it? hmm... yeah, like every other sentence. Have no clue what I'm about to talk about? Not to worry my dear reader, I probably do not either. We're both, now, on an equal playing field. Do you ever sit and just wonder. Not about irritable ideas or silly questions but really wonder... about the things we may subconsciously choose to suppress for fear of driving ourselves mentally crazy. I do. Sometimes I think I can mentally drive myself bonkers! But alas, the ability to think, to wonder, to question everything possible from the simple concept of a tool to the concept of being have only helped me to ground my thoughts, beliefs, and personal theories even further.

In a nutshell, a very possibly misconstrued nutshell, Heidegger aims to work out the question of being and ends his writing in this book with the conclusion that being and temporality are one... being is time. Now, do not quote me but I could very well have totally misunderstood Heidegger but to me it makes sense. And afterall, philosophy, in my opinion, serves not as right or wrong doctrine but rather as a stepping stone to push one into inquiry. Dear reader I apologize if I have just led you into existential angst. But without further brain mushing I think it best that I get to the point I set out to make with this blog post.

I love my life. God has always been good to me. And all the bad things are merely bad because I sometimes disagree with them. But at the end of the day I am thankful to be alive and have the will to experience the good, the bad, and the what-the-hec-is-this -suppose to serve a purpose for moments. Thus, I am ready to make to be the best I can be and use me, the time God has gifted me with, to be better and work to be the best at everything I set out to do. Blah, blah, blah...what's your point Marisol?! Time is of the essence so use your time wisely and take advantage of every moment, breath and opportunity you are blessed with. The results are always worth it ;) Anyway since I just totally went of on a possibly irrelevant and abstract tangent in most of this post I think it is appropriately fitting that I show you my brand new watch... It was a gift I received today from a loving friend. I like it for many reasons but number one must be the fabulous part ;)

Happy Saturday friends :)