Maternity Session | San Juan, Texas

My friend Liliana and her husband recently welcomed their first baby, a healthy and handsome son, a few weeks ago. Their baby was actually born a mere few days after the birth of my husband and I's son. Lilly, as I have known her over the years, and her husband Erik are have a lovely fairy tale love story. When I first heard about the boy Erik that she was dating a few years ago, he sounded unbelievable. The manner in which she described him was astonishing for us girls wishing for our prince charming. Then we met him; and he was indeed everything Lilly described Erik to be. It was lovely to watch them grow together in their relationship. 

Then they got engaged and eventually married. I had the pleasure of photographing them when I first ventured out into photography. I wanted to practice and they were happy to offer. We spent an afternoon in McAllen photographing them and then they treated me to dinner as a thank you. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding and have very fond memories of the celebration. More importantly, it is an honor to have the pleasure of photographing them once more a few years later as they embark on the journey of parenthood.

I have known Lilly since second grade. Oh so many years later, it is beautiful to see her glowing in there maternal instinct. While baby has since been born, I am honored to share with you a few quick portraits I snapped of them during their recent trip to South Texas in June. 

So happy for you Lilly! Congratulations to you and Erik! 

All my best,