Kyle + Yva... Married! Mission, Texas

I've caught myself playing the role of friend, confidant, planner, dress carrier and many other things on every wedding day for my beloved brides. I wouldn't expect the Hilbery wedding to be any different: I found myself driving a bridesmaid's car to the church and unloading a beautiful, but heavy, vintage desk and arranged it 20 minutes before the ceremony. While most other brides become friends with me after the wedding, Yva became my friend before

She may seem familiar and you have probably caught a glimpse of her before here on the blog if you are a frequent reader. Yva is not only one of my 2013 brides, but she is my assistant, sorority sister, and best friend. She and I became friends after our initial consultation shortly after her engagement and with each month we grew closer. I lived vicariously through her wedding planning and knew so many of the details that went into her planning her dream wedding. Yva and I never knew each other before we met back in 2011 but once we met, our friendship ball kept on rolling. 

We are literally now inseparable. It's crazy!

Thus, it was my absolute pleasure to finally get to photograph a wedding I had on the books for two years and greatly anticipated. 

Yva and Kyle are two of the most genuine and real people I have met in my young adult life. Yva is sweet, caring, extremely funny and completely in love with the color mint. She is a self-proclaimed drama queen... all about movies and theater. The moment she met Kyle, she never imagined she'd marry him so many years later. Kyle is even funnier than Yva and has a great personality. He and Yva make such a great match and they completely balance each other out. 

Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. Every detail that went into its planning made the celebration absolutely beautiful and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to photograph it. 

Kyle and Yva, thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding day. I hope you cherish your wedding day images throughout the life of your marriage and pass them on to your children someday as your most cherished heirlooms. Congratulations to you both!

Yva, thank you. Thank you for not only hiring me as your photographer, but for becoming my friend. I love you! You're a Mrs. now!!!!