Nine Months.

Every time I say I am not going to do something, I end up having the opposite happen.

I was determined to stop working and take a long holiday commonly known as maternity leave starting December 1st so that I could relax, be off my feet and enjoy the season as my husband and I await the arrival of our little one. 

Ha! But I love what I do so much that I just can't seem to help myself. 

As soon as December 1st came up, I found myself working three sessions consecutively back to back in one day. Yikes! Yesterday evening, as I came home and began downloading images from the day I laughed at myself... There I was working the night away, after I said I was not going to. 

But I can't really seem to stop doing what I love. And I love my job. So, I can't seem to step away from it. I seriously considered taking a wedding in a few weeks but have since realized that I need to learn to say no. 

I had a great time photographing one of my couples today for their engagement session and very much looking forward to another engagement session later on this week. But after that, I think I am officially done. It's hard lugging around a camera with a big belly that doesn't go away...

{Here I am during yesterday's final session... using a CANON!!! Don't worry, it was merely an experiment ;) }

{Yva's snapshot of me half way through the day...}

The good thing, planning breaks in between sessions where I could sit down and rest. I am so glad Yva came along to help out. Carrying my bags is nice and all, but I truly enjoy her company the best. Thanks for all your help this weekend Yva!

Good night friends!!