Baby Santiago. McAllen, Texas

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for my personal and professional life and this week is panning out to be just the same. I'm attempting to complete all my work and meet my deadlines before December 1st and rushing to beat the calendar days passing us by. I have been planning to take all of December free to await for our baby's impending arrival. 

I can do it! I can do it!

As typical of any photographer, when we plan to not be working, the good Lord blesses you with more work. Thank you Jesus! I have been out of town all last week for Thanksgiving and that has definitely set me back not one but two weeks worth of work. I am desperately playing catch up. Right before we left Texas, I got the call to squeeze in one more session for a brand new baby boy.

I couldn't say no... he is adorable!

Happily, I obliged and delayed packing on Sunday to spend the afternoon photographing one of the world's newest newborns... Baby Santiago. At just two days old, Santiago was an absolute joy to photograph. He was fed when I arrived and his mommy handed him over and we spent two hours photographing his sweet expressions. 

He didn't cry much and I was very proud of myself for being able to comfort him quickly and easily the one moment he did show us the power of his lungs. 

Maribel, congratulations to you and your husband on the newest addition to your family! Santiago is absolutely precious and such a sweet baby boy. Thank you for honoring me with the pleasure to photograph him so early in his debut. I wish you and your little family an abundance of love, health and happiness! 

Take a look at this cutie...

Babies are adorable... and while I have photographed quite a few adorable newborns this year, I think it  time to say that I will not be photographing any newborns for the next few months. I am hoping to concentrate solely on big humans and leave the little humans for other talented photographers to tackle. I think the idea of having my own newborn to care for will suffice the need to photograph a tiny human for a while.

Again, congratulations Maribel! And welcome to the world Santiago :)