Juan + Lucy.... Married! Hidalgo, Texas

The summer after I graduated college I went on my very first real job interview. Aside from one year of work-study under my belt, I had no real prior work experience. I had a degree, was smart and motivated but aside from that, my resume had more volunteer history than any pertinent job skills. Regardless, I was determined to get a job. 

It was around the time I decided to embark on creating this photography business. The summer of 2009 was a summer of setting goals and achieving them. This, the photography, was one of them. Another goal was getting a job... I wanted to make sure I could afford my brand new car! 

I went in for an interview with a local city government in my area. The position was in finance and, although I was a college graduate, I had NO idea what finance really meant. I applied because my motto has always been, "What's the worst that can happen, they'll say no... Okay. Move forward." I talk a mighty game, huh? 

I get a call back and go in for my interview. I am dressed in my sharpest pencil skirt and make sure I comb my hair. I walk through the long hallway feeling both nervous and excited. As a former pageant contestant, I think to myself, "I got this." Never did I stop to realize that my interviewers may possibly ask me a question or two related to this finance position. Goodness, I didn't even know the difference between an asset and a liability. 

Eventually, I did learn. Obviously because I was hired for the job. I have to attribute it to my confidence, my communication skills, a little bit of luck and of course destiny. I was destined to meet my former employer and boss because I would, four years later, photograph him and his beautiful bride! 

Moral of the story, I am very honored and thankful that Juan placed his trust in me as a new college graduate and gave me job to work for. Years later, I have the opportunity to thank him by photographing both he and his beautiful wife Lucy during one of the most important times in their lives. 

Juan and Lucy, you are beautiful and your love shines through...

Juan and Lucy, congratulations on your marriage!!! I wish you both a lifetime of health, love and happiness. Congratulations to you both!!!

Have a great Sunday friends!