Back at it... Behind the Scenes.

I don't know why but the month of October always gets me... 

I noticed a trend over the past three years, I blog way less during the months of October, yikes! I am always excited, in both my personal life and business life, for the month of October to arrive because it means that fall is here. The holidays are around the corner and the weather just seems a little bit nicer in my part of the state. Furthermore, weddings are in full season as well as family portrait sessions this is why I always have so much to look forward to. Interestingly enough, the month always seems to sweep me by and goes by rather quickly! 

Wowsers! I am always baffled at the end of October when I realize that there are only two months left in the year. I am getting there already, ha!

Anyway, while I have neglected this blog I have kept busy and have tons of things to share with you my dear friends. So while I take the time to tell you that I am back at it, I figured it would be nice to share with you some more recent behind the scenes images from Marisol Izaguirre Photography. 

Yesterday we were at the the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse in Hidalgo, Texas and my beloved assistant Yva was there to help me carry the load... I mean camera bags ;)

 Yup, she wore five inch heels... some things never change ;) Ha!

I can always count on Yva to capture me doing what I do best... making my brides and grooms feel and look their best ;)

It's felt great photographing brides and grooms again lately. I'm glad to be back ;) 

Make it a great week friends!!! Hugs ;)