Fall Schedule


It's been more than month since my last post. I can't believe I neglected to post anything new with so much going on both professionally and personally. I have this odd symptom... I think about many things and think I share them with you. For example, I'll receive a text message and respond back immediately in my mind. Time will pass then I will wonder why I never received anything back. I'll check and realize that I never actually replied. 

Same with the blog... I think I have shared with you but I log on and realized it's all been in my mind. Ha!

A new season has arrived and with it I wanted to inform you of my Fall schedule. I am currently booking portrait sessions just in time for the holiday season coming up. If you are not interested in a full portrait collection, you can certainly take advantage of the special I am hosting... this year's Holiday Mini Session. For more information or further date inquiry, please contact me at mary@marisolizaguirre.com or at (956) 569-2257. 

I am also currently accepting wedding dates for this fall if you are a 2012 bride and have yet to secure your wedding photographer. I urge you to inquire about your upcoming wedding date and see if it is available.

For my 2013 brides, congratulations on getting engaged! I am now booking for 2013 and will be hosting a special for anyone who books their 2013 wedding before December 1st of this year. Check back later this week for an update :)

Finally, I can't wait to share with you an amazing bridal session from a few weeks ago... 

Be safe and have a great week my friends!