Ben + Marissa

A few months ago I received a call from a lovely young woman inquiring about the Mommy + Me Collection I offer. Marissa and I spoke on the phone and exchanged informative emails for a few days and when she felt comfortable with her decision, she chose me to photograph the newest chapter in her life.  

A hesitant Marissa exclaimed how she was quite uncomfortable in front of the camera... ha! Marissa you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You and Ben are full of that "soon-to-be parents" glow. Take after take, you guys rocked your session. My job is a breeze when I get to photograph people like you.. full of life, love and laughter. 

 You are beautiful Marissa!!!

Marissa and Ben, I am delighted to have met you and more so to have had the opportunity to document such an amazing time in your lives. The two of you are amazing individuals and so very much in love with one another. The excitement about the pending arrival of your new baby is clearly visible in the way you look at each other and interact with your surroundings. Marissa, your glow as you approach motherhood is inherently apparent. Congratulations on your soon to be here baby!!! I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family!!

Happy Friday friends :)