Mienten los que dijeron que yo perdí la luna,
los que profetizaron mi porvenir de arena,
aseveraron tantas cosas con lenguas frías:
quisieron prohibir la flor del universo. 

"Ya no cantara mas el ámbar insurgente
de la sirena, no tiene sino pueblo."
Y masticaban sus incesantes papeles
patrocinando para mi guitarra el olvido.

Yo les lance a los ojos las lanzas deslumbrantes
de nuestro amor clavando tu corazón y el mío,
yo reclame el jazmín que dejaban tus huellas,

yo me perdi de noche sin luz bajo tus párpados
y cuando me envolvió la claridad
nací de nuevo, dueño de mi propia tiniebla. 

- Pablo Neruda

In between laundry this afternoon, I opened one of my favorite books and came across this poem on the first page turn... Thought I'd appropriately share so here's the English translation...

They're liars, those who say I lost the moon,
who foretold a future like a public desert for me,
who gossiped so much with their cold tongues:
they tried to ban the flower of the universe.

"The quick spontaneous mermaids' amber
is finished. Now he has only the people."
And they gnawed on their incessant papers,
they plotted an oblivion on my guitar.

But I tossed -- ha! into their eyes! -- the dazzling lances
of our love, piercing your heart and mine.
I gathered the jasmine your footsteps left behind.

I got lost in the night, without the light
of your eyelids, and when the night surrounded me
I was born again: I was the owner of my own darkness.

- Pablo Neruda
English translation by Stephen Tapscott

Have a great day my friends!
Be blessed :)