The 'Oh' Moment.

I remember during Continental Philosophy class in the Fall of 2007 when Dr. Buckman mentioned at the beginning of the semester that we may never understand or fully grasp any concept taught in class at the end of the course. Odd. Well, no. What he meant was that we may not know said subject, and that at some point in our lives we would have the 'Oh' moment... the moment when we would finally get what he was talking about. 

This is true; it does happen.

Two years ago, almost a full year after graduation, I was driving on the expressway taking care of errands. At some point in between the speed limit sign and my exit I had my 'Oh' moment - I understood a concept from one of Dr. Buckman's philosophy courses I had once failed to fully grasp. It was as if something, literally, smacked me in the face and the intellect suddenly blossomed in my brain. 

Well, guess what? 

The angst, existential I am sure, that I have journey-ed through the past year may have finally decided to subside. I say may have because I'd be lying if I knew exactly where my life is going. My point, however, is that I have finally made a decision - an important one. 

I have had a much anticipated and desired 'Oh' moment where I have reached a level of comfort to allow me to take the arrow of my life and point it where I want to go. 

The best part, wait for it..., I feel great with the choice I deliberated over in a quick, one second prayer that took me almost four years to finally pray. The power of Love...

Love for your self.
Love for your dreams.
Love for passion.
Love for being.
Love for others.
Love for our God who allows us to dream.

The photo above is mysterious, as am I. You may wonder what my decision is, or, rather vaguely, what it is I am talking about. I will not be an attorney. Not now. And probably not ever. If it was meant to be, I would have done it when I first had the chance. So where am I headed?

At this present moment, I choose to be mysterious, and keep to myself. When I am ready, I will tell you... when it's time to go.

Friends, let go of fear.