I spent my Saturday morning and afternoon perusing the aisles of my hometown flea market. Side by side, I walked the unpaved pathways alongside hundreds of Winter Texans. Some Americans and some French Canadians. I heard country and folk music and almost boogied on down with my boots ; ). The best part, listening in on some french conversations... bwahahaha!

I saw new things and I saw vintage items. I found treasures, lovely ones! The best part, I found exactly what I was looking for... 

These blue mason jars will grace the white shelves of my dream kitchen, some day ;)


Some random updates:
1.  I want to be a Winter Texan when I have white hair and officially become an old granny.
2.  I should not be allowed to have cash at a flea market. Unsupervised!
3.  I have a brand-spanking-new haircut. A major one!

Have a lovely Sunday friends!!!