My eyes are straining. 

Let me preface...

Beginning in middle school my vision began to weaken and the need to wear glasses arose. No biggie. But at every new optometrist visit my prescriptions kept increasing dramatically. Yikes. Eventually I graduate to contact lenses and felt a little bit of normal. Except for when I had to take them off and wake up without them. That was my least favorite part of contact lenses. Every morning, I could not fully see until I had them on... total drain. 

But it was a routine, my routine.

Eventually I became a candidate for lasik eye surgery and felt brand-spanking-new when the eye mask came off the next day. Granted, I had the worst, really *the worst* bruising IN my eyes for about two months. Talk about being blue...

But seeing, seeing was amazing. So sharp I could see a haw pick a needle from miles afar. 

Okay, so maybe I couldn't see the needle but my point is that my vision was as sharp as tack.

Umm... but now I am back to wearing glasses. And lately, over the past two months I have been filled with frustration because I feel as if I am literally losing the power in my little, itty bitty eyes. I have resorted to wearing glasses full time and am so bummed out. 

The straining to see clearly leaves me frustrated, annoyed and anxious. 

Can you imagine if all my images came out like this... 

{The gorgeous Christina.}

I like the look but not for an entire collection ;) Ha! I think it's safe to say I will be wearing my glasses at all weddings from now on... ha ha! 

P.S. I was not wearing my glasses when I typed tonight's post... oopsie ;)

Good night!

***Did I just blog about my vision... umm, yes I did. Yikes!