For your Valentine...

I can certainly thank a special lady for instigating this following post...

Due to a special request, I have decided to host a day of Valentine's Day Mini Boudoir Sessions. It will be a one day only event where you can feel sultry, sexy and absolutely beautiful. Sessions will be 25 minutes long and you can wear up to two looks. You'll get your images on a private gallery for you to view and share with your Valentine. Included in the session are two (2) 5x7 Photographs, making them the perfect gift for your beloved. If you are interested and highly covet a romantic and unique gift for your sweetie pie, then this is the session for you! 

So pull out the red lipstick, false eyelashes and best smile for an amazing session celebrating the art of being a woman. Oohh! And wear your favorite outfit ::wink wink::

Please note that the sessions will take place next weekend and will only be held on the set date. In order to fulfill orders in time for the February holiday, and due to the nature of the work entailed, I am only available to offer the session on January 29th. I am willing to open up the morning of the 28th as well IF there is a demand for it. Call me to discuss a time slot. The sessions will be held at a romantic and beautiful location. All you have to do is show up and smile :). You may feel free to bring a friend for encouragement and motivation. Oh! And remember, You are beautiful!!!

For further details and reserving your spot, please give me a call at (956) 569-2257. I should note that I am suffering a sore throat and either sound like man or have no voice... perhaps a text message may be better. Regardless, call me! :) **You can also email me at or

See you soon!