Blue Monday.

I came across an interesting article on the internet early this morning and it, quite frankly, just made me giggle... I am not superstitions so the spookyness of Friday the 13th doesn't spook me. But maybe since the Friday did not get to me, Monday decided to come after and bite me hard in the tush.

Let me explain.

Of all the days, today - Monday - I woke up later than usual. Felt sicker than before. You see where I'm headed here? I bit my tongue last night as I effortlessly ate french fries as if I had never eaten a meal before in record setting time. So today, the entire half of my right tongue is swollen. Then, I was due for a trip to the orthodontist - ouch. Focus Mary, Focus...

And some punk made me cry last night so I woke up with the worst swollen eyes in a while. Yikes! Trust me, today I was not a pretty picture. 

For most of the morning I could barely hold my eyes open to see... Then comes lunch time and my chicken sand which is missing most of its chicken. Sigh. It's a good thing there are bigger problems in this world. I can overlook this. 

Blue Monday, you may have attacked me but guess what... I'm still standing!!!! Take that gloomy Monday....

I'm jumping in my bed and cuddling the rest of the day away. Oohh, here's the article I mentioned:  In it they discuss how the third Monday of the year is typically the gloomiest and most depressing day of the year. Umm, yeah today was the 3rd Monday... grrrr!

What would make my day so much better? A full dose of Drop Dead Diva so I can fall in love again with the ever handsome Grayson. ::googly eyes::

How was your day?!