Christina's Bridal Session - Los Fresnos, Texas

Blonde. Icy blue eyes. Height for miles. Photographing Christina is like photographing my very own Barbie doll... she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Christina and Marco's November wedding finally took me to the beautiful and much talked about Inn at Chachalaca Bend in Los Fresnos, Texas. Much to my little heart's content, I had the opportunity to visit the location with Christina and her wedding planner prior to the wedding date and for Christina's bridal session. Yay!

Christina is quiet, subdued and kind. She is also absolutely beautiful. When I say photographing her was like photographing a Barbie doll I mean it. She was up for anything and such a trooper. I think I may have at some point jokingly ask her to jump into the lake for some photos and she actually contemplated it... ha! Okay, so I would never do that to my brides but you get the point.

She made my job so effortlessly easy. 

I, on the other hand, made Yva's job quite hefty... Christina is tall. And, granted most people are taller than me, I needed my little ladder for many of the looks I wanted to achieve. This is where Yva's skills came in hand... she was an amazing assistant throughout the session carrying not only the gear but the ladder as well. {Thanks Yva!}

Christina, as I have previously mentioned, I am delighted that you chose me as your wedding photographer! I can't wait to share your wedding pictures with the world... but for now how about her bridal beauty.

Christina you are beautiful! 

Have a great weekend friends :).