Family. {It's Love.}

After this weekend's wedding and Sunday's double-whammy of full day editing whilst attempting to regain the feeling in my feet, I was almost certain someone would have to drag me out of bed this morning. 

But they didn't. Amazingly, I didn't drag much - other than my legs - the entire day. I had a great day. Let me reiterate, great. For the first time in a very long time I felt like my old self. Somehow, there was a permanent smile on my face. It wasn't a feeling of giddiness or a funny joke that made me smile. Rather, it came from within.

When I made it home, me, the boys and my mom went out for dinner. On a random Monday. My brothers picked on my the entire car ride over and my mom just giggled. She even joined on a joke or two. And me, I smiled. I smiled the entire way over. The giggles in the car just reminded me how blessed I am. I must have woken up remembering that feeling this morning. I am so glad it came back...

Whether it's because I can finally rest for the whole month of December or because my family is so silly, I had such a good day. Sore feet and all :)

After dinner... Mom, me and the boys. {Love}

Good night!