Let me take yo' picture ;) {MC Mary.}

Umm... I wrote a rap song.

It doesn't end there.

I made a video. 

If you need a good laugh, my dear friend I am here to help!!! If you know me, more importantly, if you have spoken to me then you know I am no Mariah Carey. I have the worst singing voice ever and, quite frankly, my speaking voice is not grand either. My shyness, its partly, well mostly, attributed to the fact that I rather not speak ;)

Ha! Merely just for fun... this is what happens when you are the only girl in your family.... three brothers and I'm finally "one of the guys"!!! 

**WARNING** Lower your volume ;)

What? You didn't quite catch the lyrics?! Don't fret, I have those for you too ;) Mind you, I wrote them myself with the help of my brother. **THANKS MICHAEL!!! {My amazing eldest little brother who made my video.}
"Let me take yo' picture" by Marisol Izaguirre 
Snap Snap
My camera strapped on my back
I shoot in 1080 hd
and put your face on the map
24 hours a day
But I'm workin' 49
And I know this don't rhyme
But I am short on my time
Nobody can stop me
I'm all about my photography
I shoot killer pictures
You're gonna' need an a-utop-sy
Snap snap snap snap
Step in front of my cam
A photo says a thousand words
And mine just wrote you a rap

I may use this as my photography promo video?! Bwahahaha!!! I hope you enjoyed a good laugh :)

Oh my ;) Good night!!!