Ancient Philosophy was my least favorite subject to study as an undergraduate. I found the literature difficult to read and, much more, difficult to understand. Quite honestly, I found it boring... or at least I thought so at the present time. I found Heidegger and Beauvoir way more interesting. Seriously, I studied Epistemology and the Philosophy of Mathematics - surely these old geezers couldn't be much more interesting. 

But they were. It could very well be the current influence of a person at the present moment in my life who has re-hashed an interest in what I briefly looked over as an undergrad but I definitely have had the "aaahhhh..." moment Dr. Buckman said would happen at some point in our lives. 

In sixth grade I wrote an award winning poem about the Tigres and Euphrates rivers... "Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia..." the poem read. History fascinates me. I love it. Perhaps that is why philosophy is such a natural fit for me. Why did I not better appreciate the ancient greeks in Ancient Philosophy?!! 

Gahhh! Perhaps that is the reason Descartes was so difficult for me to finally understand. I sorta' skipped some fundamentals ;) 

But the Greeks, an ancient civilization, were on to something. From the greeks, what I call philosophy arose. From this civilization, modern philosophy eventually evolved. 

And that, my friends, is what fascinates me. Evolution. The evolution of mankind, the evolution of the human mind, and the evolution of one's self. 

And me, my self... Marisol Izaguirre Photography has evolved. 

Hard work, trust, perseverance, and faith pays off...

Drumroll please..................

I'd like to share with you that as of mid-last week I am now an LLC!!! If you see me, hug me :)!

In honor of my accomplishment, I propose a toast. May YOUR dreams come true and may you achieve every blessing in store for you!!! 

Nancy and Hugo, THANK YOU! Thank you for helping me make this possible :) 

God Bless.