Mail me a letter...

...I have an office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

260 South Texas Blvd Weslaco, Texas 78596

I am a dreamer - always have been and always will. In second grade my teacher made me write an essay reflecting on what my future career goals and aspirations were. I knew exactly what I wanted to be - a million and one things. How could anyone choose only one thing they'd want to be?! I wanted to dabble and excel in anything and everything. 

So what did I write about? I wrote I was going to be an entrepreneur. Yes, I had to double check the spelling just as I typed it - both now and back in second grade. I did not know how to spell the word, was not quite sure exactly what it meant but I knew that is what I wanted to be. For someone who wanted to be everything and anything, becoming an entrepreneur was exactly the profession for me. 

Fast forward the remainder of elementary, middle and high school and I became a lost kid in  college, way lost. I am sure I visited every college dean and asked for guidance. It took me two years of taking the basics to discover my home - political science. But, in typical Marisol fashion, it was not enough for me so I also felt welcomed in philosophy. I called the two colleges my home and have serious brain power thanks to Dr. Cole's Epistemology course... don't mess with me, I'll ruin your thought process ;)

I graduated college, applied to law school, and bought furniture for an apartment. But I did not leave. I'd be lying if I said everyone believed I made the right decision in staying behind and pursuing a risky dream. I know I made the right choice. Back in November, my mind set itself on another dream. I wished for the day I could have my very own office, a real one. My mom letting me use her home office and my corner bedroom spot don't count. On a yellow piece of paper I wrote down all of the expenses an office would incur. And I dreamed. I dreamed about the day this would become a reality. 

I knew it would happen. I would work hard to make it happen. And it did, it happened and I am so thankful and feel very blessed. I never imagined I'd find the perfect space with the perfect logistics for my business so quickly. Truly, this is faith and I am on the path I am meant to be. I found a rental space in January and signed the lease at towards the end of the month. My mom and I spent all of February preparing for the big move and dreaming bigger. 

So I have officially moved in a while back and although the move added to my workload, I am delighted to have a little space to call my own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am still very excited :)

Do you want to take a look?

This is the building I am in... the Historical Villa de Cortez in Weslaco, Texas. I think the Villa de Cortez and I are a perfect fit. It is an absolutely beautiful building and serves as a home to a variety of offices, two restaurants, and a glamorous ballroom. I wished for an office here back in November and my dream came true! Thank you Lord :)
The before...

... and the after. We begin from the outside... I am down the hall in Suite 405 :)

I typed my college applications on this typewriter! It was a gift from my mommy when I was in high school. It still works :)
 My home-made-filing cabinet :)
 Desk linens thanks to my lovely grandmother :) She sows much straighter than I do...
 Some packaging...
 My diploma... it was getting dusty at home ;)

I sit inside and look around and wonder when someone is going to come in and kick me out. Then I realize it's mine. Well, so I don't technically own it but I have already daydreamed about buying the building years from now... it's such a beautiful and historical landmark that I'd love to own it ;)

But for now, my dream has come true. I am a business owner and I have my own office space.

Everything in this little room is special and meaningful to me. I have been collecting items for many years now and I am so happy all my little things have a home to be displayed in. My furniture is comprised of things we had at home and some new items I bought... but more details on the process tomorrow so come back!!

If you are in my home state and in the area, come visit ;) 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!