Kristine ♥ Boudoir.

I have been asked to photograph boudoir sessions for a few months now but have been hesistant for a while until now...

As a woman, I know we are often self-conscious no matter how good we think we look. It is in our nature to catch glimpse of ourselves everytime we pass by a mirror or see our reflection on a giant window. You don't? Really?! Because I admit it, I'll look... make sure my hair looks okay, my clothes fits well and that I have a little bounce in my step ;)

Ha! Kidding aside, I find it important to feel confident and beautiful so that we may portray true beauty to the outer world. My Boudoir Collections have been designed for the modern woman, the modern bride and the modern wife.

Catered to each individual, your boudoir session will be an unique experience where your beauty will shine through create some utterly romantic yet sexy images of yourself feeling your best.

Women, you are beautiful!!!!

Take Kristine for example... Kristine was so nervous the weeks leading up to her session she almost made me nervous. Gahh! I can just imagine myself - with a heavy camera tremlbing in my hand. Thankfully, we pulled through and together we created some beautiful imagery. Yes, together. Without her beauty, her smile, her essence, I would have just taken photos. But she made her session her own and completely personalized it to reflect her beauty.

Take a look for yourself...

WARNING!!! This post may include riskier photos than usual... but still decent and beautiful :) Enter at your own risk :)

Kristine... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For choosing me to photograph you. I am delighted we had time to do this session and I am thrilled that you were such a great model in front of the camera. You did great!!! You are beautiful :)

I hope you are having a fantabulous week!!!