Portraits - The Lopez Family - McAllen, Texas

It is certainly worth repeating... the best part of my job is meeting and befriending new people. My clients are truly the most awesomely cool people I get to meet on a daily basis. Each individual, couple, baby, child and family I photograph I get to learn a little about them and catch a glimpse into who they are. As a photographer, you view them through your viewfinder and compose the images. As an individual, I view them with large-sponge-like eyes. I hope I didn't just creep you out... let me explain :)

When I am photographing them I view them in two ways: through the viewfinder and with my eyes, my real eyes. By real eyes I guess I mean my character and the emotions I perceive they express. In other words, as I am capturing the photograph at an exact moment I am already viewing them in a deeper form, one  that allows me to create their session around their specific personalities.  This yields personal images of my subject(s) in their most candid and natural states <-- my favorite!!!

Photographing the Lopez family a few days ago was no different. Kristina and Ruben along with their handsome baby boy were so easy to capture on camera. Baby Micah was such a good baby and never once did he get fussy... total brownie points on my end! The three of them make a beautiful family and their personalities emerged in their photographs. 

Their session was so much fun and I am delighted to have met them. Ruben is such a great dad and extremely proud of his little boy. Kristina is a wonderful mother completely in love with her son and husband. Micah, Micah is absolutely adorable. The three of them compose such a sweet and loving family. 

Micah turns one whole year old on a very special day... Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to you Micah!! Be blessed :)

Take a look for yourself...

Happy Monday!!

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