Peace. Love. and Shoes. - Claudia Gonzalez - Portraits

I have had the thought of shooting in an orange orchard for a whole year now. I have been wanting to do some sort of hippie session but figured I'd had to set it up myself because it wasn't an idea leaping from the minds of my clients - until Claudia came along. Claudia wanted a Portrait Collection and she had some specific thoughts in mind. I remember listening to her and writing down all of her ideas she wanted me to incorporate into her shoot. She was so charming and sweet over the phone and I realized I had found the perfect person to bring to life my ideas. But credit is due to Claudia herself... she wanted to do something hippy with a 70's flare but still keep it somewhat modern. 

I was so excited for her shoot and just had to find the perfect location, with orchards. 

Claudia is a beautiful, tall woman with legs for days. She is a self-proclaimed shoe addict and I couldn't have branded her better. When we met, she had a luggage just for shoes! Yes, shoes for a one and half hour session. Thankfully, I love shoes and much more-so the fact that she was so creative. Her enthusiasm paralleled mine and made me a much better photographer during her session.

Claudia's long hair was a perfect prop for her session. Her personality, however, really stole the heart of the images. The woman you see in her photographs is truly a fun, loving and carefree individual. She has such an easygoing spirit and it totally bequeaths her :)

Claudia, thank you for choosing me to execute your vision. You were so much fun to spend the morning and such a trooper during the chilly weather! You have such a great fashion style and an impeccable taste for shoes. Above all, I am certainly glad we got to meet and I hope you enjoy your photos. 

Because I couldn't resist, a collection in black and white....

You are beautiful Claudia!!! 

Happy Wednesday! :)

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