Portraits - Lilieana... ♥ McAllen, Texas

"I don't really have any photos of myself documenting the milestones in my life. Can you help?" 

I most certainly could and I hope that I did. When Lillie asked me about photographing her to document her at the current stage in her life, I jumped for joy. I don't think you need a specific occasion for portraits but when you search deep down enough, we all have reasons to be photographed. But Lillie does have a specific reason for a portrait collection, in less than a month she will be earning her master's degree. That is an amazing accomplishment!

I met Lillie back in college during our Delta Zeta days... we are sisters but we are also friends. From the moment I met her, I learned about her passion for education and children. After graduation, Lillie became a teacher and excelled at it. She truly cares for other people and especially her students. In the past two years since graduation, I knew Lillie was destined for greater things. She had a thirst for knowledge and decided to go back to school and further her education. I applaud her. 

Soon, Lillie's hard work will pay off. Working full time as an elementary teacher and attending graduate school is no easy feat. But she has succeeded and I am very proud of her. Do you remember your favorite teacher? Do you remember why she was your favorite? It was probably because she made a difference in your life whether you noticed it at the moment or not. Lillie is one of those teachers destined to become a favorite among many of her intelligent students. She is passionate about teaching but, furthermore, she is passionate about truly making an impact on childrens' lives.


Lillie, you are an utterly amazing and intelligent woman. I congratulate you on earning your master's degree and advancing your education. Furthermore, I wish you every happiness in this world and God's favor. You are destined for great things, accomplish them :) Thank you for allowing me to capture your beauty, smile and essence!

Happy Wednesday!