Krystal and Larry - Rancho El Charco Wedding

Every wedding this year has managed to make me shed at the bare minimum one tear of happiness and joy for my beloved couples. At my very first wedding earlier this year, I cried at the courthouse because I was so happy for Nathan and Mary. When I was on the boat this summer photographing Cynthia and Orlando I sobbed from knowing how happy the two were to start their lives together. When I witnessed and photographed the Edwards couple late in the summer at South Padre Island after being married for 50 years I cried because they were still in love. 

Last month, I cried at Krystal and Larry's wedding. But this wedding was slightly different and the tears were much more heartfelt than previous. I have known Krystal since the sixth grade. She was my first real best friend I had in school. The type you share clothes with and sleep over on Friday nights talking about boys. Krystal was the type of best friend that became your sister. 

But, as I previously mentioned in her engagement session post, throughout high school and afterwards we drifted apart and rarely saw each other. But I never forgot my petite, curly haired friend who loved life and always had a positive attitude. More-so, however, she was always caring and kind - always. 

So this time, at this wedding, I really did cry. The tears weren't from feeling happy for a loving couple or from being a hopeless romantic. I cried because I watched my friend, my once inseparable best friend, get married to her very own prince charming. I cried because I thought about the fact that if wasn't for me being a photographer I may have actually missed her wedding. That, the realization that I made it to her wedding, was the real tear jerker. 

I felt honored.

I was Krystal's wedding photographer but I became her guest. When I sat down for dinner with her family it all felt too familiar, in a good way. And as I saw my friend dance the night away and enjoy her special day I thanked God for giving me a talent that has brought me back to meeting old and new friends.

Krystal and Larry, I am delighted to have been granted the privilege to photograph your wedding. I am so very happy for you both and know that there are many blessings in your path ahead. I look forward to watching you both grow into a beautiful and healthy family.

Some of the wedding vendors:
Florals - The Wedding Center in McAllen, Texas
Venue - Rancho El Charco in La Joya, Texas

Happy Tuesday!