Engaged ♥ Cassandra and Joseph

I have a weird form of planning. Usually, I an idea will pop into my head and I will dwell on it for a period of time. Sometimes, the idea pops in way far in advance while other times it is last minute. If I have had a few weeks, sometimes even months, to execute the idea or event, etc., I will plan in my mind but execute at the last minute. I work best that way. For example, in college, I would write my 10+ plus papers the day before or day they were due. Granted, I would formulate arguments and the actual "game plan" in my mind weeks or days prior to actually writing it. In case you're wondering, I excelled at writing papers and thankfully always did extremely well.

Earlier this summer I met a young lady who was interested in having me as her wedding photographer. We chatted and the summer eventually dwelled into late August. I was actually writing a blog post one late August night when my phone rang and I answered it. On the other side of the line was Cassandra and, thakfully, I remembered her. Cassandra's wedding was in two days (well, one really) and she needed a wedding photographer. Gasp! Wedding, ranch, full coverage... I jotted quick notes on a blank sheet of paper. Then she said it, I almost cringed... Engagement Session... and she wanted prints to be displayed at the reception. Feel free to gasp once again, I did ;)

Cassandra is a planner and organizer, but she lives a million miles per minute. She knew she wanted a wedding photographer and she knew she wanted me. The actual process of hiring me , however, was placed on hold for a while. But, like me, she knew and had faith in waiting for the last minute. Funny how things happen, I was actually free her wedding day and happily obliged. Waiting to the very end worked out for the both of us. I had the opportunity to end the summer wedding season with one last fun one with a fabulous couple and Cassandra got a wedding photographer. :)

So we photographed her engagemetn session a mere hour prior to her rehearsal dinner at her fabulous venue. The evening was hot, humid, and HOT! But Cassandra and her fiance Joseph rocked their session. They are one hundred percent plus more in love and it was oh-so-evident in their photos and in general. I want to thank them for choosing me as their photographer and trusting me to deliver, not only for their actual prints at the reception, but for their entire wedding photography collection.

See the LOVE....
Go on with your beautiful self Cassandra... Tyra would call this fierce ;)
My favorite ♥
Have a great week! And stay tuned for photos from their fabulous wedding ;)