Wedding...Cinthya and Orlando

I mentioned a few weeks ago about a last minute wedding... do you remember the engagement session featuring Cinthya and Orlando? What, you don't? No worries... let me refresh your memory, you can view their engagement session photos here. Great! Now you're on track with me... I'm in the mood for confessions, so I'll let you know that sometimes I am a big chicken when it comes to certain things in life. For example, flying... boarding an airplane and trusting it will reach its destination with my nails not chewed down to my cuticles is rather difficult. Seriously, I cried the first time I flew... which was only a mere three years ago! Feel free to insert a ridiculous amount of laughter on your behalf right about now. 

As I was on my way out when I took Cinthya's phone call, I quickly remembered writing down the details regarding her wedding and what she needed from her wedding photography. Engagement Session. Sunday June 13, 2010. 6:00 PM. And then she said it, I wrote it but I never quite paid attention to it until later when I reviewd my notes. There it was scribbled in the worst handwriting ever for a girl... BOAT. Did I mention I am a big chicken? The fearing kind... I have this fear, of water and the animals that live in it.

I am an animal lover. Really, I hate having to kill a bug... so I do my best not to. I love the beach and find the environment truly beautiful. But I only go so far in when I am at the beach. I mean, really, I have legs not fins. I probably don't even know how to swim properly. I can splash around for a while but that's about it. And I later realized I would be shooting a wedding the following weekend at the beach... on a boat more specifically. This boat, it would go into the water and ride away for four hours!!!! Oh the horror... the chicken within me thought to herself. Then I thought about the really great opportunity and the amazing photos the wedding could yield. And it did, I certainly think so.

Cinthya and Orlando are sincerely in love. The feelings they possess for each other are genuine and the kind that make you tear. When they look at each other they can't help but smile. I noticed this first during their engagement session and on their wedding day. They'll soon be starting a brand new chapter in their lives both professionally and as a married couple. I wish them every happiness in this world and all of God's blessings. Most importantly, Cinthya and Orlando I thank you sincerely for placing your trust in me and for being so kind and caring. You truly made me feel more like a guest than simply your photographer. Thank you and God Bless.
Happy Monday! :)