Meet Laura... College Senior

I was a junior in college when I first met Laura. I distinctily remember Laura being a bright young woman highly interested in joining Delta Zeta. I also remember interviewing Laura and finding out the usual and unusal facts about her and her interest in joining the sorority. I remember to this very day her mentioning how excited she was about the possibility of becoming a Delta Zeta. I also remember how busy she said she lived her life - school, extra-curricular activities and work. She definitely was a multi-tasker. Three years later and two years after I graduated... Laura and I reunited for her senior portraits. I was definitely delighted when she asked me to be her photographer. She was excited. I was excited. Our excitement created a fun session full of laughs, memories, and beautiful portraits.

Laura has been a great friend, sister and now fellow alumna. I am very proud of her accomplishments and wish her many blessing and tons of success. Congratulations Laura! I am very proud of you.

Laura you are beautiful and I am proud to call you my Delta Zeta sister. Congratulations again and good luck as you conquer the world :)

Yay! Enjoy Friday!!!