Little hands and tiny feet... make me smile ;)

A week ago I had the pleasure of photographing my second newborn session. Baby Julian was born about three weeks ago and I am glad I finally had the chance to meet the little fellow... he's definitely a cutie. Julian spent most of the session alternating from the following states: sleeping, crying, awake, and pretending to be sleeping. Ha, really... he's itty-bitty but he's already a smart baby.

As soon as he felt me creeping up on him with my camera he'd make a crying face and call for his beloved mommy. Nonetheless, I had so much fun seeing mommy and baby bond. I love babies... they are so cute, warm and fuzzy. And Julian was definitely a great baby model ;)

Congratulations Delia on your newest addition to your family. I wish you many blessings and pray for a healthy family. Baby Julian, you were the coolest baby  ;)
See for yourself...
Ahhh... He's living the life ;)
I hope you have a beautiful and fun Tuesday ;)