Crowns turn your frowns upside down. ;)

Hola! Today is just another manic Monday and I am so tired... The weekend flew by really fast and I have yet to catch up on some much needed sleep. Bridesmaid duties were on full swing Friday and Saturday. Sunday, the day of rest, was spent waking up early for a photo session and running various errands. Boy, I am so tired... my eyes want to fall close as I type this... but I don't want to break the habit of continous blogging so here I am :) I am so excited that March is half-way through and Spring is so near! The season and more constant weather will make shooting so much easier and lots more fun, yay!

Saturday was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. But I had a photo session scheduled for Sunday and the weather was not as cooperative... so much windy and a bit gloomy-looking. Regardless we went on as planned and the morning progressed into a quick session and I captured some really pretty images. For now, I will simply give you a glimpse as I prepare the rest of the photos. I'd like to share with you what the session was for and give you some proper information but time is not my friend at the moment so I will give you a glimpse...
P.S. One of my weddings may be moved up to a really, really soon date... I'm so excited! I'll keep you updated :)

Happy Monday :)