Busy Bee and Some Cute Baby Pics...

Hey you! It's the third day in March but I feel like the month is in full swing... I'd give, possibly, a toe, for a mini-vacay right about now BUT since I love my toes I'll suck it up and smile :) I'm busy with work, scheduling photography sessions, family, friends, attempting a social life, being an older sister, a good daughter, making God happy and being the best bridesmaid I can be for my good friend Lilly. Her wedding, remember this blog post, is in about five weeks so bridesmaid duties are in full swing. I love it! So, as you have read, I have been a little busy... just a little ;)

If you remember, back in January I did my first baby session and a few days ago I said I finally had the time to blog the photos. I lied. I didn't post them yesterday but guess what, I'll post today ;) I know, you're so excited, right? I photographed baby Denaly Sarai back in January a week after she was born. She is a cutie... see for yourself.

Denaly's mommy, Blanca, has become a really good friend of mine so I am sure this is not the last you've seen of Baby Denaly on here ;)

I'll keep this short for today since I'm sure you're busy this Wednesday evening.

Thanks for reading, really.