Lazy Saturday, Business Cards and a Special Birthday.

I have been looking forward all week to the end of the week and I am so relieved I made it to Saturday. I have spent most of today being lazy and catching up on some television. But clearly Saturday is almost over and the relaxation must continue on some other day. I have a busy evening today including some new-business venture meetings, birthday celebrations, and whatever else pops up.

I've had some interesting conversations these week from a variety of people about how I need to value myself both in my personal and professional life. During every one of these conversations I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. Of course I value myself, duh! I thought to myself as I graciously smiled. But after pondering on the value issue and the dialogues about pursuing to the fullest what I want out of life I realized I have spent a lot of valuable time just settling. Time is priceless and unfortunatley I have realized I have wasted a good chunk of it for free. Hmm... I know I said back on January 1st 2010 that I was not going to worry about the roadblocks and instead worry on how to overcome them. Now is the time to implement all my verbage and turn dialogue into action.

Two weeks ago I ordered business cards so I wouldn't have to personally print them on my home printer. The ones I make are nice, but the ones I ordered are so much cuter ;) If you are looking for a good place to order business cards for a good price I recommend Got Print. It took about a week after I placed the order and confirmed it for them to arrive. I was so excited, mostly at the thought of how long it would have taken me to print 500 of them all at once. Thankfully, I ordered them.

My goal, thus, for this coming week is to stop at atleast one place everyday on may way to work, during lunch, or after work and drop off a few business cards. Yes, America, I am going to the streets. It's time to offer quality photography to everyone; we all deserve our beautiful memories captured. I sound all politician, don't I? Well, I'm on a mission and what better way to start this journey than this. Besides, in promoting my photography business I get to meet new people, which I love! Oh the perks, right?

At the end of next week I'll inform you bloggernet about the adventure. As for the special birthday...Tomorrow my little brother officially becomes a teenager! Aghhh!!! After him my mom has one more kid to enjoy before he, too, becomes a teenager. Since we are celebrating his birthday today, Happy Birthday AJ! I love you.

Enjoy your Saturday, I will :)