Blog Worthy Post ;)

I know it's 2010 but I wanted to share with you bloggernet my first engagement shoot... straight from NOLA... New Orleans, Louisiana. I flew to New Orleans back in early May of 2009 and had the best time photographing the soon to be wed couple Nolan and Isabel. They are originally from Texas, ahem... the groom is indeed my brother.... but I was nonetheless honored when they picked me to photograph their engagement shoot. I was totally professional, swear.

We began the day by simply walking around downtown New Orleans. Starting point was the park then off through the historic streets we went.

During a quick minute to rest (it was beautiful but hot!) I found this red door to be quite intriguing and snapped a quick shot. Isn't the red pretty?
Right in the middle of the street ;)
I snapped this shot also during a quick rest in the shade. Nolan and Isabel peeked in the mirror to pamper themselves and I thought it would make a nice family photo.
I found New Orleans to be full of character... beautiful.
The aftermath of Hurrican Katrina is still very much visible throughout the city. But the spirit of the people is not broken. I really enjoyed my stay in New Olreans and loved even more the opportunity to photograph Nolan and Isabel throughout the town.
Nolan and Isabel have now been wed and I am very grateful they entrusted me the opportunity to capture their love in full essence on camera. I wish them a blessed and happy marriage.

I should note they have since become the parents of a beautiful and healthy boy... Welcome Dominick!