Meet Chihuahua

This is Franceska Lupita... a chubby, dark tan 4 lb chihuahua... she sometimes answers to "Pita" and is a great companion. As a baby, Lupita was practically black but somehow grew into a "dark blonde." She, like Roberto, is four years old and was also a gift from Chris. Lupita enjoys being a self-proclaimed princess and refuses to let any other chipoodle lay in her mommy's lap when she's around. She is a girly-girl and loves to wear beautiful, girly dresses. She can run, but she rather sit near by and watch the other dogs get tired than ruin her little paws.

Lupita is also an avid fan of her chihuahua food. She loves to eat and let's you know it. In fact, she often fights with the other dogs because she wants to be the first one to eat. Yes, this is a problem her human momma is trying to resolve; I'm working on it ;)

Isn't she cute?
Lupita is a small chihuahua full of love who makes me smile everyday with her quirky attitude. She enjoys being the center of attention and being showered with lots of love. I love Lupita and I am glad to have her as one of my pets. She makes me smile and I love her for it :)

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Happy Friday :)