Meet of my Chipoodles ;)

Chihuahua + Poodle = Chipoodle...  Meet Chuy.
Chuy is a 6 pound frisky chipoodle. He is three years old but still acts like a little puppy. He can sometimes be a little akward-looking but I think it is his awkwardness that makes him so cute. Chuy fought and won the battle with cancer. Yup, this little guy was sick when he was about a year old but he's fine and dandy now. He had little to no hair and stunk horribly bad, but I still loved him. Thankfully, a little surgery, medicine, and lots of love cured him and made him all better. It also took one weird haircut and then poof... literally, POOF his hair started growing again, lots of it. Remarkably, he manages to look like a cheeto puff, as my youngest brother noticed. And he does, he is so puffy now with his poodle hair trapped in a chihuahua body. I love Chuy very much and he mades a perfect addition to my pets. He acts like the youngest in the group and I'm sure deep in his heart he remains a puppy. This little guy is extremly fun to play with and will undoubtedly make you laugh as you watch him run. As the other dogs run outside and chase him, he enjoys running in large circles making a weird squeaking sound. He doesn't bark; I've only heard him bark once. Instead he squeaks, like a squeaky toy. Needless to say, after the Roberto-Harley (great dane!) incident, I've had to keep my eye out on him when he's outside. His squeaking may get him into trouble... and I don't want that ;)

Chuy makes me smile. He's fun. I love you Chuy.

Fun fact: Chuy has an amazingly long tongue... imagine him running around the yard, squeaking, with his long tongue floating around all over the place. It's hilarious ;)

Happy Tuesday... :) and Belated Merry Christmas :)